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Jenn A to Z

  • The Issue

    The problem with starting and continuing a blog is that one needs to have a topic. Finding a topic isn’t difficult, but sticking with the topic…well, that’s the issue. I was born with the last name of Anderson and I married into the last name of Zieser. A to Z is often considered “everything under […]


  • Go Get Lost

    All my life I’ve been trying to find my way…to follow the rules (failing) and doing the right thing (mostly). I struggled and felt shame and never felt like I fit the mold, then I got lost. After years of caring for my husband, he passed away and I was left lost. I went to […]

  • Where to find us…

    We’ve moved to the facebook platform to better interact with our team. CLICK HERE to find us. To link to our new meeting place, just use

  • ADD-a-Go-Go

    I just posted this to facebook: Those of us blessed with ADD may lack focus and motivation, but at least our Co-op carries three types of oranges. This is your classic bait and switch one-liner…or maybe not. I don’t write comedy and don’t have the formulas memorized. What I do have is an ADD brain […]

  • Just Write SOMETHING

    I haven’t written enough lately to even grace it with the name of writer’s block. Stuck at home here in Iowa with a foot of snow on the ground and sub zero temps, I should have the perfect setting for writing. Still, I feel like if I did, people may look at this blog to […]

  • Focus

    The word of the day is focus. In the next month or so Steve and I have a lot of things to decide, do, and weather. Scan His first scan since starting treatment will be on December 2, and the results of this will determine whether he continues treatment as is or discusses a change. […]

  • Teamwork

    The word of the day is teamwork. When we got married, we agreed that we would always be a team. Through the adjustments of a new marriage, Steve often reminded me that he was on my team and the tension would dissipate. Like all successful teams, we’ve learned to identify and utilize our individual strengths […]

  • No Cough!

    Steve and I are sitting here watching recorded episodes of Top Chef and realized that after probably 8 months, his chronic cough is gone! He also noticed that he’s breathing much easier. This is such a wonderful realization, we just had to share. (smile)

  • Back to Mayo

    Heading back up to Mayo this morning. It will be a much shorter trip this time. Will be spending nine hours in a chemo room tomorrow, but we’ll have internet, a tv, and each other so we’ll be fine. Steve feels bad that I will be spending my birthday this way, but I feel honored […]

  • The First 24 Hours

    The first 24 hours of BBI406 (I mistakenly posted this as BB1406 earlier) went pretty well. There were some digestion issues, but no nausea until this morning and that seemed to pass quickly. This is just one of the drugs Steve will be taking…he’ll start the next one in four days. We will need to […]

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