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It probably stems back to when I was an English major, but when I hear people give a speech and they start with a dictionary definition of their topic, I cringe. Professors seem to drill out of their charges the cliches that most of the population relies on to communicate. It’s because of this training that I will not tell you that the Merrian-Webster dictionary defines the word facet as “a part or element of something” and “any of the definable aspects that make up a subject.” No, that would be cliche and I can certainly define my topic in my own words and without the help of old Webster.

I’ve started many blogs over the years. Most of them I abandon. I know that a good blog has a purpose and a definable topic. Sticking to one topic is not a strong suit of mine. In fact, I sometimes worry about coming across as a bit schizophrenic and at the very least unfocused. I know I’m not the first and anyone who knows me would squint at the mention that I’m concerned about the second. My husband once told an adoption social worker, (when asked what he’d change about his wife) that he wouldn’t change anything (awww, I know). He said that changing one facet of me would change the rest of me and that he wouldn’t want to risk that.

I told you that to brag the fact that I’m married to the most loving man on the planet. I share the above to explain why I chose the very self-centered title of this blog. While my brain shifts from topic to topic, while my interests today probably won’t be what I’m interested in next month, one thing remains constant. Me.

So at the risk of anyone reading this to question my mental health (more on this later), I’m going to start this blog. It probably won’t take you long to realize that I tend to be diametrically opposed to myself. I’m ok with this, mostly. I have to write and this blog will let me spill my brain out into the world. I’ll probably touch on a few topics more than others and I warn you that my past fascinations with making pottery, Woody Allen movies, and Komodo dragons were all facets of interests at one time. I quote Seinfeld, Monty Python and other pop culture heavyweights often. I get quite a kick out of myself sometimes and hope you do a little bit too.







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