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Drug Trial

We will be going up to Mayo to start the drug trial on September 30 and staying until October 8. I feel ok posting this since our house will be occupied. Steve will start the actual chemo on the 2nd with the days before consisting of tests. After this initial stay, we will need to be back October 20-21 and after that just once every 16-day cycle. I’m not sure how long we’ll be on this schedule, but we take pride in our flexibility. (smile)
Steve suspects he will be tired a lot during our first stay, which leaves me with a lot of computer time. Conversation is WELCOME! Last winter I felt very isolated while Steve slept…this time I have more of a support network of friends and family, which will be helpful. More than anything, I want Steve to feel as little stress as possible. I feel competent taking care of him, but he worries about me. I keep assuring him that I’m fine and have many people to reach out to. Thank you for being there for both of us. I’ll continue to be your main source of info, but will try to get Steve to post a bit too from time to time.
Remember…no matter what your circumstances, you choose your response and as a result, create your life. You can live a miserable existence or choose peace and happiness. Jesus is very helpful when seeking the latter…contact him for details. (smile)






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