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The First 24 Hours

The first 24 hours of BBI406 (I mistakenly posted this as BB1406 earlier) went pretty well. There were some digestion issues, but no nausea until this morning and that seemed to pass quickly. This is just one of the drugs Steve will be taking…he’ll start the next one in four days. We will need to get used to the dietary requirements that come with the drugs. He can’t eat for an hour before or 2 hours after the pill. This isn’t a big deal unless one wakes up at 8 am, has to take the pill at 8:30 and breakfast closes at 9. Not a big deal…just waited a bit and went down to Caribou Coffee in the lobby. Steve was a bit too tired to go down himself this morning, but that could be due to happenings during the night.
I honestly don’t recall a hotel stay where I haven’t flooded the bathroom. Usually it’s due to the tub or shower, this time it was the toilet. I called out at 3 am for help (yes, I know, I’m an adult, but still, when a toilet is flooding one panics) and got Steve up. We called for a plunger and then Steve went out hunting. All was taken care of quickly and the many towels left in the room came in handy. Fortunately (and I feel the need to mention this), it was just water and nothing terribly yucky. So with that and then Steve needing to get up often due to digestive issues, he didn’t get solid sleep. Hard to tell if it’s chemo fatigue or just wackiness that has him napping at 11 am.
I’m ready to step up my caretaking today. We seem to have two routines…one when Steve feels good and does things for me and one where he doesn’t feel good and I do things for him. Of course there is overlap…we often do things for one another, but coffee runs, lunch runs, administrative duties, etc. bounce toward me more during chemo. I’m fine with this and happy to do my part to keep our lifestyle as stable as possible. I think we have the two extremes more because of the cancer treatments. We have a very equal relationship and have found a good balance. He knows he won’t always feel good so kind of spoils me when he does. I don’t take this for granted.
Anyway…this is longer post than usual about nothing much of nothing. (laugh) While I’m not isolated emotionally, we kind of are physically so facebook helps alleviate that. Thanks for reading this far…or if you just skipped to the end, thanks for reading this. (smile) More tomorrow. Have wonderful day everyone!






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