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Back to Mayo

Heading back up to Mayo this morning. It will be a much shorter trip this time. Will be spending nine hours in a chemo room tomorrow, but we’ll have internet, a tv, and each other so we’ll be fine. Steve feels bad that I will be spending my birthday this way, but I feel honored to be there to support him. There is joy in doing what we are meant to do.
Steve has been managing well and treating the side-effects to keep his electrolytes, hydration, and energy balanced. He doesn’t complain, but I do get bossy pushing fluids and naps…that’s a balance I need to work on. (laugh)
Thank you for your continued prayers and support. I haven’t been good about answering emails, but know that we love and appreciate you and everything you write. Now go out and do something today that makes someone else feel loved. Until later… Jenn






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