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I just posted this to facebook: Those of us blessed with ADD may lack focus and motivation, but at least our Co-op carries three types of oranges.

This is your classic bait and switch one-liner…or maybe not. I don’t write comedy and don’t have the formulas memorized. What I do have is an ADD brain that enjoys words and is a little off the beaten path of typical. What I find funny isn’t always appreciated by the masses, but I can pretty much get a crowd roaring, especially when I’m alone in an empty room.

I have pretty good ADD-dar (think gaydar, but with ADDers) so I tend to recognize my own. Facebook has made this fun and I can usually guess who will be the first to like my status updates. Someone seeing that someone liked my post makes me feel appreciated and a little bit understood. This is a good thing as I tend to live up in my head and in the past have had few visitors. Thanks to facebook, thanks to the people who love me, and especially thanks to my beloved husband, I now not only share what’s in my head, but I invite people in and entertain in the rumpus room of my grey matter.

My husband recently facebook posted a list that mad me feel extremely loved and understood: 20 Things To Remember If You Love A Highly Creative Person

The article is about highly creative people, but most of us HCPs probably also identify with ADD at least a little. We tend to find the routine a bit dull (read:I feel like I’m going to die) and skip from topic to topic and project to project with the grace of a Fantasian elephant ballerina. We annoy ourselves at times so fully understand why others may find us a bit hard to take, let alone live with.

That is why having my husband post this with a note saying, “Things I deal with every day. Well worth it!” it made my heart swell. Being understood feels amazing…feeling appreciated for your quirks is nirvana.

That’s a really good line…that last part. “Being understood feels amazing…feeling appreciated for your quirks is nirvana.” I should just end it there. I have other things to attend to anyway. I just looked over and saw a game on the shelf that I haven’t played for a while and also remembered a few things that I keep meaning to reread…the first part of Cat’s Cradle by Vonnegut and the third chapter of The Grapes of Wrath about the turtle. I also haven’t picked up Leaves of Grass in a while and that’s always good for a distractionary read.

See what I did there? I ruined it. I could have ended with that nirvana line and left you with a thoughtful gem. Instead, I pulled you into my grey matter rumpus room and made you jump on the sofa with me. (sigh) Oh well.

Hey…wanna ride bikes?







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